Shelldrake's Wargaming Bunker


Welcome to my Web site. 

I am an Australian Wargamer with an interest in many different historical (and some not so historical) periods. 

My interests make me a bit like a magpie - in that i jump from interest to interest when something 'shiny' comes along. This means that some projects get pushed behind others whilst the new and exciting (for me anyway) thing takes a hold on me, but i always come back to those projects... eventually.

 I recently purchased my first digital camera, so i will be posting photos, of not only my games, but size comparisons and 'how to' tips. 

 Each project period has a separate page covering what i am up to, and the News and Updates blog on this site will keep readers informed as to what i have been doing lately. 

 Be sure to keep up to date with what has been going on by visiting the News and Updates page of this site 



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